Terms of Service

  • The internet service Live Link provides is not ever ever ever allowed to be used for illegal activities. Once the service enters your premises, you are 100% liable for the content that is accessed through your service.
  • Live Link Reserves the right to terminate your service, without compensation, if you are engaging in illegal services, such as but not limited to illegal copying or distribution of copyrighted material (for example Movies and TV shows) and you will be liable for any expenses occurred on our behalf
  • Bills are generated on the 1st of each month and will be auto-billed to your credit card.
  • There will be service charges for any NFS payments and potential termination of service if payments are continuously late or returned NFS.
  • By using the service you agree to pay the installation charge. In addition, the radio(s) provided by Live Link remain the property of Live Link and must be returned when your service is terminated.
  • Wireless Internet Service speeds are not guaranteed as service may vary based on your location in relation to our towers as well as environmental conditions, for example, Tree Coverage.